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Jens Eckstein

Jens is a Partner at Apollo Ventures whose venture strategy is to collaborate with scientists and entrepreneurs to develop interventions with the potential to prevent or reverse age-related diseases and extend healthy human lifespan.

  • Chairman of the Board of Directors of Thrasos Therapeutics
  • Director at Palleon Therapeutics, Decibel Therapeutics, ZappRx, Gladius Pharmaceuticals and
  • BioHealth Innovation (BHI)
  • Kauffman Fellow and angel investor
  • Venture Partner, Entrepreneur-in-Residence, CEO of TVM Capital
  • President of SelectX Pharmaceuticals
  • General Partner at TVM in Boston
  • Found of Akikoa Pharmaceuticals
  • Leader of drug discovery programs at Enanta Pharmaceuticals and Mitotix, Inc.
  • Board Member of Alios Bioscience, CoNCERT Pharmaceuticals, Enanta Pharmaceuticals,
  • SelectX Pharmaceuticals, Rapid Micro Biosystems, Anchor Therapeutics
    Advisor and Board Observer to Sitris Pharmaceuticals
    Author of multiple scientific publications

Holds several issued and pending patents.